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HAPPY TOBY-Toby Has a Party - Jozef Krivicka

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HAPPY TOBY children's picture book series about a happy childhood is a remarkably illustrated piece of art in form of a cute created landscape formatted book for each story. HAPPY TOBY - Toby Has a Party is the second book from the series and it's about the importance of the good - neighborhood relations. Toby and his neighborhood friend Marty decided to surprise their parents with a barbecue party. It is easy to say but hard to do. The two boys are working hard on every detail of the event. Grill cleaning, hand-made decorations, small tent, colorful lights. For all guests plate and seat, cold drinks and grilled meat. You will see how they succeed.HAPPY TOBY - Toby Has a Party and all the book from HAPPY TOBY series will teach children that happiness, love, and friendship are among the thi.. Zistiť viac >>

HAPPY TOBY Toby and His Family - Jozef Krivicka

HAPPY TOBY Toby and His Family - Jozef Krivicka shop >>

HAPPY TOBY- "Toby and His Family" is the first book from the series about a happy childhood. Reading the catchy rhymes and discovering the happiness with artistically created illustrations will show children the beauty of everyday life.If the child is too young to read and has to have his or her parents or grandparents read the book, there will be a two generation dialog about the importance and the beauty of the moments spent together as a family. They will discover again and again new details in the masterfully pictured moments of happiness in Toby's life. They will desire to have the same nice relationship within their own family. The intention of the HAPPY TOBY children's picture book series - to discover, adopt, and enjoy the real value of a happy life.Happiness, love, and friendship .. Zistiť viac >>

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