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Islam (Art and Architecture) - Markus Hattstein, Peter Delius

Islam (Art and Architecture) - Markus Hattstein, Peter Delius shop >>

Islam, the second largest and the youngest of the major world religions, has changed the world and left its mark on human history since the appearance of the prophet Mohammed in the seventh century. This book follows the historical development of the Islamic dynasties and regions, showing the variety of their forms of artistic expression from the beginning until today. From decorative elements of buildings to calligraphy and the embellishment of everyday objects, ornamentation, that most characteristic Islamic art form, is displayed in an extraordinary rich range of ways. The contributions of important scholars bring to life before our very eyes this culture, which belongs next to Greek and Roman antiquity as one of the pillars of our modern society... Zistiť viac >>

Detox Smoothies : Lose Weight with Smoothies and Juices - Eliq Maranik

Detox Smoothies : Lose Weight with Smoothies and Juices - Eliq Maranik shop >>

Detoxing your body while boosting your natural energy has never been more delicious! This book by smoothie expert Eliq Maranik is packed with many healthy recipes and easy step-by-step instructions on how to detox and lose weight with green smoothies. The detoxing power of those natural goodies lies within the leaching out of fattening toxins from your body, while boosting your metabolism, taking in valuable nutrients, and burning fat more effectively. By the way, you can buy all ingredients at your local grocery store and even your family can benefit from a healthier nutrition. Whether you are a detox-pro or just crave a healthier lifestyle, this book will be a delight for you... Zistiť viac >>

Friendly Food - Hana Goransson

Friendly Food - Hana Goransson shop >>

More and more people suffer from food intolerance nowadays. The most common allergens are gluten, lactose in dairy products and refined sugar. This delightful and inspiring cook book by Swedish food blogger Hanna Goransson is the first book of its kind to unite three diets in one. It offers more than 75 delicious and healthy recipes free of refined sugar, dairy products and gluten. You can chose from numerous ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, in-between snacks, sweets and even deserts. Whether you like sweet or savory meals, this richly illustrated book with its mouthwatering recipes covers what you're really craving - a healthy yet very tasteful nutrition. It allows you to be creative in the kitchen and enjoy food again... Zistiť viac >>

Meatballs : Falafels, Skewers and More - Valéry Drouet

Meatballs : Falafels, Skewers and More - Valéry Drouet shop >>

Whether as a party snack or a light meal, meatballs and skewers are always well-received! However, this book is not only dedicated to the meat lovers among us, as it offers many simple and innovative vegetarian dishes, seafood recipes and sweet treats. How about chicken meatballs with goat cheese, pistachios and dried figs; Chocolate Fudge balls or Thai marinated shrimp skewers with fried rice and ginger? All recipes are presented with step-by-step instructions and serving suggestions, and gorgeously photographed by food-stylist Pierre-Louis Viel. French chef Valery Drouet is a regular contributor to the food pages of women's magazines. ".. Zistiť viac >>

Green Juices for Beginners : A One-Stop Guide to Cleansing Your Body - Carla Zaplana

Green Juices for Beginners : A One-Stop Guide to Cleansing Your Body - Carla Zaplana shop >>

This practical guide explains the positive effects of a green juice diet and the best way to prepare the drinks. Health and nutrition expert Carla Zaplana portrays thirty-five ingredients, including superfoods and toppings to be found in normal groceries. Thirty delicious and highly addictive recipes round off this essential handbook... Zistiť viac >>

Punkt-zu-Punkt - Dot-To-Dot Berlin - Agata Mazur

Punkt-zu-Punkt - Dot-To-Dot Berlin - Agata Mazur shop >>

One of four cities in the dot-to-dot series. This interactive travel guide and activity book is just perfect for any child (or grown up) with a passion for exploration, whether you are visiting the city at the heart of Europe, or just like to travel with your finger on the map. This volume takes you on an educational and relaxing journey through the hip city of Berlin. You will not only read about historic places, but also see them in beautifully selected photos, as well as recreating some traditional elements by joining the dot-to-dot drawings. Exploring cities, and learning something at the same time, has never been more fun! Each of the attractions is presented with a concise and educational text in both the English and German language. Not only will you learn from the informative text .. Zistiť viac >>

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